WBDS has been a key distribution partner for Macmillan titles. Our craft book program has grown exponentially since 2006, and we have benefited from the professionalism, store placement and feedback provided by WBDS.


WBDS Advantage


We don’t play favorites—WBDS takes an objective look at inventory, supplying the titles that will perform for you.

All titles placed in stores are tested.

The roll-out of a title into a chain is based solely on the performance of the title in the test, ensuring a successful sell-through of the books.

We can assure our retailers that we have supplied them with the right titles to boost their sales with no favoritism.

Unfortunately, many distributors are also publishers and are biased towards selecting their own, often inferior titles for placement and purchase.

Our retailers, and the publishers we represent, put a great deal of trust in our system because all titles are treated equally, maximizing results for our clients.

Test All Titles Relevant To Your Market. Not All Top Sellers are Predictable.


We take the mystery out or merchandising


Books can be extremely difficult to merchandise properly. Hundreds of publishers turn out thousands of relevant titles every year, but there’s no perfect method for accurately projecting which of these titles will perform well.

Our automated system makes sense of the numbers, effectively handling such a large and diverse quantity of SKUs.

In a traditional book distribution model, the average on-hand inventory per title in no way relates to the title’s performance. This means traditional plan-o-gramed book programs naturally lead to mismanaged inventory.

Shelf space is occupied by unpopular offerings, leaving less room for top sellers. As a result, sales do not reach optimal levels.


Click below for a visual presentation, based on actual data, of inventory management under a traditional book program versus under WBDS’s consumer Centric model. The first graph illustrates the efficiencies of a book program managed by WBDS where books are objectively placed in stores based on the probability of a book selling in a store.


We make inventory control easy, building better sales for you


WBDS’s extensive inventory management experience achieves the perfect balance between sales performance and on-hand inventory.

With WBDS’s book distribution model, the average on-hand inventory by title is dictated by title

The higher the turn, the more inventory in stores.

Popular sellers are always in stock.

As titles drop, WBDS’s system automatically reduces the stocking level and on-hand inventory to accommodate the change in sales.

WBDS’s proprietary inventory management system ensures predictable and favorable inventory control, resulting in maximum sales per square foot.