Elements of the program that have proven to be highly satisfactory are the testing of new titles to determine potential marketability and sales success, forecasting of timing and inventory needs, accurate and timely monthly reporting and an excellent payment history. We look forward to continued growth, success and involvement in this program.

—Kitty Jacobson
Vice President
Landauer Corporation

WBDS Advantage

Software System

We work for you by determining what’s best for your unique business.

Through a unique and dynamic proprietary software system,
we are able to customize book selections based on the consumer purchases
in each store.

On a nightly basis, WBDS’s system analyzes an astounding
1 million-plus rows of detailed sales information.

Our VMI software system enables us to analyze sales data
by store across thousands of SKUs according to price point, category,
sub-category, author, cover type, and region.

WBDS’s immense system resources not only enable
us to provide our customers with the best possible selection of books
available. They also allow us to recognize upswings or downtrends in specific sub-category areas.

As trends are realized, WBDS pinpoints important areas
for growth and partners with our customers to build cross merchandised/in-line
book departments that work to not only increase unit sales on top selling
titles but also related product sales as well.